It's a curiously eclectic mix of people in Kimberley. There are loggers and miners, international telecommuters, philosophers, renowned authors and speakers, celebrated athletes, humanitarians, mechanics, log home builders and feisty septuagenarians who can climb mountains faster than you can read this paragraph. You can often find them all in the same pub, planning out adventures or plotting for the community's future. 

Kimberley's people are an essential component of the community's story. Its diversity gives rise to multiple perspectives and viewpoints and inherently creates a culture that increasingly focuses on possibility, not problems. It is a community aware of its potential and excited to celebrate the goodness life affords. Kimberley's people are protective of the attitudes and attributes that make it desirable, and yet eager to share the city with those who share in like-minded values.

Kimberley's populace is, by and large, a group of people who have decided to live where they are, intentionally. It is unusual that people live here by accident. The result is a cultural common denominator. It immediately affords a sense of approachability and accessibility, the likes of which are rarely common in larger centres. 

This is a place where conversations take place in supermarket aisles, where backyards are social hubs and people know their neighbours a little bit more than elsewhere.