Higher Education

Kimberley is a community that welcomes innovation. At this elevation, things may look differently, but we’re also inclined to see things differently too. Our community’s extraordinary past has taught us the importance of learning new things, the value of new perception and growing better together. And, as they say “playing is the first form of learning” which means we’re surrounded by education opportunities. Here are some of the places to learn in Kimberley…


Kimberley’s school system consists of three primary schools, one middle school, one secondary school and an independent school.

Education Facilities

Kimberley is home to a College of the Rockies (COTR) regional campus.

The college provides facilities for specialized training, including video conferencing, computer-and satellite based courses, and centre with a computer lab and projection screen. The campus is also home to a distinct set of courses that deal with sustainable and alternative building.

The main COTR campus is located in Cranbrook and offers programs in Trades, Recreation, Tourism, Business, Computer Science, Health, Child/Youth and University Studies.

Education opportunities in Kimberley also include instruction for a range of activities and pursuits, including skiing, rock climbing, swimming, water sports, music, arts & dance and more.