The Kimberley advantage is this:

Kimberley is situated in a regional market with access to over 70,000 people. It's minutes from an international airport, in close proximity to some of the wealthiest economies in Canada and boasts great connectivity and solid infrastructure. There's a ski hill and three golf courses within city limits. As Canada's highest city, it offers views of the Rocky Mountains and easy access to the natural surroundings.

Kimberley welcomes diverse and innovative business plans, ideas and partnerships. It is not seeking conventional practices, instead it is seeking to be a centre for innovation, entrepreneurs and businesses that do things differently. 

A major reason to work in Kimberley is because it is a great place to live. There's an unprecedented amount of activities in a competitively affordable community, blessed with an abundance of exceptional weather and great health and safety.

Kimberley is a newly matured community, it's uniquely prepared to be one of Canada's hotbeds of innovation and entrepreneurialism because of its collection of stunning business and lifestyle attributes. 

But don't take our word for it. Come visit and discover why Kimberley may be a good fit for your investment or business. 

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