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The Kimberley area, including the immediately surrounding rural area, contains over 2,000 jobs with a fixed place of work. An additional 600 residents are employed in jobs with "no fixed place of work", which is common in industries like construction where the work site is continually changing.

Because of Kimberley's desirable qualities and lifestyle, it not only sees residents working in the community, but also commuting to neighbouring Cranbrook or elsewhere in the region.

The largest employment sectors in the Kimberley area are accommodation and food services (reflecting a strong tourism industry), retail trade, and manufacturing. Sectors that are notably more common in Kimberley compared to the rest of BC include arts, entertainment and recreation; agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting; and construction, reflecting Kimberley's transformation into a popular resort community. The lower share of employment in retail trade compared to the rest of the East Kootenay region may indicate significant potential for growth in that sector.

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