Kimberley is a community. It’s the highest city in Canada. It’s a mountain town. A destination and a home. It’s a story of people, sharing their lives with one another, guests and visitors, businesses and organizations. This city is a diverse story of people with many perspectives, ideas, and imaginations, reinventing and celebrating where they live, work and play.

Kimberley is simultaneously a former mining town, a contemporary resort and tourism destination, and the once renowned Bavarian City of the Rockies. It’s a place to grow up, and a place to retire to. It’s a place to do business differently and a place to call a home base. It is many stories, all at once. And it continues to change and evolve.

With so much opportunity, transition and possibility it would be unreasonable to suggest that Kimberley exists in a singular capacity. Instead, Kimberley is in a period of unprecedented change, and as it grows into its next chapter of possibility, it is intentionally and deliberately “a good place to be.”


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