Kimberley is a community with a storied past. The community was originally established as a mining community in 1896, named after the Kimberley mine in South Africa. The Sullivan ore body was discovered and soon Kimberley became home to the world’s largest lead-zinc mine. Mining was the community's backbone industry until the Sullivan Mine closed in 2001. 

Tourism and recreation have long been a part of Kimberley’s history. The community hosted and participated in numerous outdoor and indoor recreation activities, and remarkably established a great ski area just minutes from the downtown core. The community also developed a Bavarian theme that was adopted by residents and businesses. Kimberley enjoyed renown as the Bavarian City of the Rockies, and the theme is still evidenced in some of the community’s facades and businesses. Kimberley continues to attract tourism and offers a wide variety of experiences to a wide variety of visitors and guests. 

In keeping with its previous Bavarian theme and mining history, the community of Kimberley remains no stranger to the unconventional, hard work and reinvention. Today, its original industry has passed on and it no longer touts its 'Bavarian theme.' Instead, Kimberley continues to enjoy growth and new development, quite simply because it’s “a good place to be.”