Doing Business

If you’re considering Kimberley for your business, the City of Kimberley would appreciate the opportunity to discover how we can work with you. If you’re ready to explore a connection with Kimberley, then start with these steps:

Step 1: Talk to us

Tell us your story. Your ideas. How you think Kimberley might be a good fit for your business. We’ll listen, ask questions, and share our insight and possibilities with you. Do it now! Call Scott Sommerville, Chief Administrative Officer at 250.427.9668 or email

Step 2: Come visit

Kimberley’s story is best experienced in person. If you’re considering connecting with Kimberley, we’d be happy to help arrange a Kimberley experience that works. We can create connections with people, places and experiences that may help make your possibility a reality.

Step 3: Plan with us

Now that we’ve talked and you’ve been here, let’s sift through the ideas and possibilities together. If your aspirations seems like a good fit for you and the community, then we’ll work together with you to create a good start. 

Kimberley is growing quickly, and poised at an incredible crossroads. As the community’s economy continues to shift from a mining era towards a time of unprecedented opportunity and possibility, Kimberley is seeking the unconventional, the intentional, the entrepreneurial. We want business types unaccustomed to using the word ‘can’t.’ Sound unconventional? That’s right. Doing things differently works in Kimberley. We desire the extraordinary and the different, because the unconventional are the ones who ‘can.’

Let’s connect!