Business Districts

Kimberley has several areas zoned for commercial activity, which coincide with Kimberley’s different neighbourhoods. Townsite, Downtown, Blarchmont, Chapman Camp, and Marysville neighbourhoods are distributed along a North-south corridor of Mark Creek (Kimberley's central waterway) and each have unique character informed by the environment, trails, and amenities they contain.

Townsite sits atop a hill, delineated by Mark Creek to the west and Lois Creek to the east, and has a small convenience centre business area. Opposite Townsite on the west side of Mark Creek is the Resort village area. Operated by the Kimberley Alpine Resort, there are several commercial businesses operated by Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. This area is surrounded by a large collection of single and multi-family dwelling units, and the Resort Master Plan identifies land for mixed commercial and residential development.

Further south, the downtown area is made up of combined commercial and residential properties and includes a pedestrian mall known locally as the Platzl. Like the population, the downtown building stock is undergoing a renewal as new entrepreneurs succeed those proprietors exiting the workforce. The cuckoo clock, as well as many of the building facades contain a nod to the community's former Bavarian theme. But the most distinctive thing about downtown is the ability to meet many household (e.g. grocery and pharmacy), recreation and entertainment needs within walking distance.

Blarchmount and Chapman Camp neighbourhoods are located further south from the Downtown. They each have commercial business areas that serve residents from throughout Kimberley.

Similarly, Marysville is Kimberley’s warm weather neighbourhood. Located at an elevation several hundred metres below Townsite and the ski hill, spring comes here a month before other areas of town. The Marysville business district is formed adjacent to Highway 93, and is just steps away from the magnificent Marysville Falls.

Similarly, there are areas zoned for light and heavy industrial activities outlined in the community. These areas are outlined in the City zoning map.

For more information on Kimberley business districts, visit the City of Kimberley online. maps