Labour Force

Kimberley folks are a resourceful bunch. Most have intentionally selected to reside in Kimberley. The town's attractiveness is exemplified by the number of people who create their own jobs, they are the ones who become intent on living here before they have determined how to make a living. 

62% of Kimberley's labour force has some type of post secondary training and education. 

The College of the Rockies, headquartered in Cranbrook with a satellite campus in Kimberley, offers a spectrum of training, primarily in applied and vocational studies. 

There are slightly more than 8,500 people living in Kimberley's immediate region. Median age is 46 years, slightly above the provincial average of 42. However, the fastest growing element of the population is those aged 0 - 4, which grew 54% between 2011 and 2016.

Kimberley ranks in the bottom 20 of 70 communities in BC for economic hardship, measured though a combination of: the proportion of the population on some form of income assistance; average income; income inequality; and per capita taxes.

Kimberley and Cranbrook share a regional labour force. Many work in Cranbrook and throughout the region using Kimberley as home base. Equally, many folks living in Cranbrook work and recreate in Kimberley.

Median work commuting distance is 19kms, with 46% reporting a commute of less than 10kms and 23% commuting over 30kms.

Leading regional employers include:

  • Primary industries: forestry, mining and exploration companies
  • Secondary industries: pulp and paper, manufacturing and fabrication, wholesalers
  • Tertiary industries: Ski resort, golf resorts, retail services, transportation and logistics, education and local government
  • Provincial government agencies (Cranbrook-based)
  • Healthcare (Cranbrook is SE BC hub)

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