Frequently Asked Questions

How many visitors come to Kimberley a year?

Difficult to say precisely... The annual accommodation spend in Kimberley is approximately $4.8 million according to the Additional Hotel Room Tax numbers collected by the Province (although it could be more, as some private sales do not collect tax, which is how this is tracked). See here for source data.

If we assume an average of $150 per night, this equals about 32,000 room nights, in addition to the 7,500 visits from May - October at the Kimberley Riverside Campground. In terms of activities, there are approximately 120,000 golf rounds between the three courses in the City and three nearby. Best guess on skier visits is approximately 70,000 annually, though this is competitive information and we respect the right of Kimberley Alpine Resort not to share it publicly.


Why are there vacant store fronts and businesses for sale in Kimberley?

There are vacant storefronts and businesses for sale in every area of the country. The reasons for their visible presence in Kimberley vary.

The demographics of Kimberley's business community are changing. Kimberley's business owners are aging and many are planning a life transition and looking to retire. To help these businesses successfully transition, Kimberley is a participant in Invest Kootenay, the Kijiji for buying and selling business in the Kootenays.

Kimberley's building stock is undergoig rejuvenation, many of the buildings that are currently vacant require significant work before a business can operate. Kimberley's Investment Incentive Program is meant to encourage the redevelopment of these spaces by forgiving the difference in property taxes that occurs when building improvements are made and the assessed value rises.

Where can I find funding and financing?

Start-up funding is key for any business. The City of Kimberley is legislatively constrained from offering direct financial assistance to business, but we work with many partners who do.

See "Financing and Access to Capital" in the Resources Partner Agencies area.

Where can I find help with my business plan?

A business plan should be completed by anyone considering starting a business. They are important foundational documents that should be revised frequently and usually include key considerations, such as target market, competitors etc.

We don't offer business advice at City Hall, but we'd be happy to chat about your idea. Alternatively you can get in touch with  "Business Support and Advice" in Starting A Business or Resources Partner Agencies.