Kimberley leads Regional Attraction Initiative

May 16, 2016

Getting people’s attention these days is not easy.


It takes money and the right message. Kimberley and its neighbor Cranbrook has realized this and it turns out have both! With all the right ingredients required in a major centre, the key competitive advantage is that doing business costs half as much.


Located only 30 kilometers apart, the two communities of Cranbrook and Kimberley have a 40,000 person market and are formally working together to attract business through the Cranbrook-Kimberley Development Initiative (CKDI).  


The initiative was conceived of and is being led by Mayor Lee Pratt of Cranbook and Don McCormick of Kimberley, both professional salesmen who have volunteered their efforts to represent CKDI directly to prospects.


According to Kimberley Mayor Don McCormick “The goal of this initiative is to attract industry, facilitate business, produce well paying jobs, reduce the upward pressure on Kimberley and Cranbrook tax rates and increase the population.”


A huge early accomplishment has been raising money to fund their activities. 50 businesses in the communities have invested $5,000 each along with $10,000 from each community and matched by Columbia Basin Trust, resulting in a $500,000 war chest strictly for marketing and sales activities.


According to Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt “We already have a half dozen promising leads we are actively working, everyone is blown away that we have two communities and the businesses working together.”


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