For information not included here, please contact the Scott Sommerville, Chief Administrative Officer at 250-427-9668.

The City of Kimberley has published a number of informative reports and brochures pertaining to local issues and concerns – such as planning and visioning documents, resources regarding urban deer, strategies for combatting climate change and increasing affordable housing, financial reports, and more.

Access the complete list of reports, brochures, plans, and strategy documents.

Below are some of the key documents that provide an overview of Kimberley and its direction.

Integrated Community Sustainability Plan 

The City of Kimberley has adopted the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) as our highest-level guide for decision-making. It articulates Kimberley’s vision for a bright, sustainable future – and strategies for making that future a reality. Read the plan, or learn more about the process on the City's website.

Official Community Plan

Kimberley’s Official Community Plan is a comprehensive overview of Kimberley’s goals, objectives and policies that help to define our community.

Its purpose is to articulate a framework for success through thoughtful development, attention to social, cultural, educational, and health needs, environmental stewardship, reliable infrastructure, effective governance, and an engaged and informed population.

The plan was updated in 2018 and assists in ensuring that local decision-making takes a long-term view of Kimberley’s success as a community.


Kimberley's Cultural Plan

Kimberley is a creative community. We take pride in our unique culture, and we’re constantly inspired to help it evolve and grow.

Our amazing local talent includes world-class writers, photographers and visual artists, talented performers, unique artisans – plus an enthusiastic community of amateur artists of all kinds! Kimberley’s residents have a reputation for volunteerism, and this community spirit has lead to the creation of numerous festivals and events that truly set Kimberley apart from other mountain communities in the region. Kimberley locals – whether they’ve grown up here or just arrived – have a strong connection to the history and heritage of the community, interacting with the overall community identity through local heritage sites and resources.

The Kimberley Cultural Plan captures our community’s vision for an abundant, thriving arts, culture and heritage scene.