EcDev Strategy

Economic development is a means to improving overall community well-being and quality of life. Successful local economic development relies on community input and regional solutions to regional needs. 

Economic development is most successful when citizens, businesses, and government work together towards shared priorities, using the limited resources the most effective way possible.

The City of Kimberley performs three key roles in economic development:

  • Catalyst, fostering the right conditions and encouraging business to raise its game. 
  • Collaborator, bringing together local interests around joint priorities.
  • Liaison, interacting with senior government and other regional partners.

Kimberley’s economic development strategy sets the long-term vision for growth. 

  1. Business growth – creates jobs and government revenue. 
  2. Business diversity  – promotes stability. 
  3. Growth in the population – creates local demand. 
  4. Increased tax base – improves competitiveness.